Oncology is that area of medical science that is dedicated only towards specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of this horrible disease, wherever it may occur in the human body and thus it also makes it very huge and widespread.

The oncologists therefore concentrate their specialization on one sub-specialty such as the identification and treatment for bone cancer, lung cancer, throat cancer etc.; while others concentrate their energy on the different kinds of therapy given to patients suffering from cancer like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgical removals of tumors and so forth.

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Much to the reinforcement of humanity, oncology has another division that’s just as broad as studying the different sorts of cancer that may hit a person’s body; this division is related to discovering the causes, prevention and cures for the disease.

Many oncology researchers dedicate their lives in finding the cure to this horrific problem. And after years of research and scientific study, physicians are now generally hopeful that though there is absolutely no prevention, an early detection can save many lives.

For instance, with the assistance of evaluation it is possible to detect prostate cancer at a very early stage and it has been able to save many men’s lives. The same is said of cervical and breast cancer. If you are residing in  New York and have symptoms of prostate cancer then you should ask your doctor to conduct oncology tests in NY.

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With research nowhere near its end and because oncology has many sub-specialties many medical practitioners still find a lot of scope in this field and so choose to specialize in either of the sub-categories for example,

  • Radiation oncology,
  • Medical Oncology,
  • Surgical oncology,
  • Gynecologic oncology,
  • Pediatric oncology and
  • Interventional oncology.