Birthstones are gemstones that are associated with each month of the calendar year. The stones can either be precious stones or semi-precious. They are worn for good health, luck, prosperity, and protection. These days people prefer buying the birthstone jewelry online from websites like than going to the traditional store.

The birthstone for the month of February is the beautiful Amethyst.  This gemstone is symbolic of piousness, spirituality, and a dedication to God. It is a stunning, colorful gemstone with strong sacred qualities.

In jewelry, it’s elegant and mixes well with silver or gold and it is frequently used by artisans to make exquisite stackable February birthstone earrings. Its sparkling beauty attracts while its inner qualities keep calm and refresh.

In the ancient times, it was believed that this birthstone brings on pleasant dreams because they allow you to streamline positive universal energy. As a result, many people place an amethyst under their pillow before going to sleep at night to enjoy sweet dreams throughout the night.

This birthstone is a type of Quartz. The quartz can be found in many colors including the brilliant light purple known as amethyst. These crystals are primarily made up of silicon dioxide which is one of the most significant substances we use in everyday life.

It can produce electromagnetic energy when cutting properly and pressure is applied.  This versatile crystal is a key component in computer chips. Interestingly, Quartz will vibrate when electricity is applied to it and certain radio frequencies are produced.

Imagine what this elemental crystal can do for the human body and mind. These stones are mined in Brazil, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Zambia, Australia and in the mountains of Russia.

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