No wonder, purchasing a wine fridge is comparatively a huge investment, and you need to get it done right at the very first attempt.

There are plenty of people who buy low quality wine fridge, eventually become disenchanted and irritated with their cabinet, something that can easily be evaded by asking the correct questions from the vendor.

While selecting a wine fridge that could easily fit into your wine cellar and matches your other requirements, consider these 4 key factors, mentioned below:

1. Capacity – Should have capacity to keep 12 bottles to over 600 bottles.
2. Location – Within the home/office or in the garage.
3. Temperature zones – 1 to 3 and multi temperature.
4. Shelving – Roller straddling, soft close, storage, bigger bottle size like Magnum or Champagne.

After considering these 4 aspects, do go through these a set of few very ‘Essential Questions’ that you should ask from the organization you are purchasing your wine cabinet from:

Essential questions to ask when researching a wine fridge:

  • In which country was your wine cabinets manufactured and exactly for how long the manufacturers are in the wines cabinets manufacturing business?
  • How does your wine cabinet shelving appeal to different bottle sizes and shapes (e.g. Champagne, Pinot Noir)?
  • Am I in a position to buy custom built wine cabinets for my wines collection?
  • Can I choose whatever shelving construction I’d like, as well as which door I’d like, and which aspect the hinge is on?
  • Can I glide a shelf that is totally stacked therefore I can easily see how easy it is by using?
  • Can I listen to the wine refrigerator turned on therefore I can regulate how much noise it creates?

cabinets fro wines

  • Is humidity viewed and monitored and exactly how can it ensure that corks won’t dry?
  • Do go through this post to get through more details that can aid in choosing the best wine cabinet for your wine collection.
  • Is there greater than a one level variance after the temperature is defined at the advised 14 degrees?
  • Is your company in charge of after sales service or do you want to pass me to the manufacturer?
  • How does your wine case address vibration (which really is a major foe of wine long run)?