What's not to love about Christmas? Good food, fine memories, and a whole lot of fun, frolic, and merrymaking. Did I not mention presents? Of course, presents, for how else can the spirit of giving manifest itself in the world's most celebrated holiday! But the spirit of giving can get quite painful to the pockets, and put a wrench in all your jolly plans.

Cheaping out on Christmas gifts is never a nice thing, so don't let your budget blues dampen your holiday spirit this year! Check out these amazing ideas for handmade Christmas gifts that'll put all the jolly right back into your ho-ho-holiday!

You can use English Christmas Crackers as a gift. With the ever-expansive internet, it should be no trouble to find an easy-to-make cracker or you can also purchase Christmas crackers online. Load up your colorful Christmas cracker with simple goodies, like dried fruits and nuts or candy, and watch your friends' faces light up as they pop the cracker for their Christmas surprise!

Another idea is of Picture Magnets, It is way simpler than you would think – all you need it good cardboard, tape-backed magnets, and a place where you can print out some good quality pictures. Pick out your favorite pictures of you and the person that you plan on gifting the magnets to – you can create a set themed on your relationship with the person.

Cut out cardboard frames onto which to mount the tiny picture printouts; here's a tip, laminate the pictures with clear packing tape over them, to keep them long-lasting. It's a wonderfully touching gift, presenting all your best memories for your friends and family in a creative, cost-efficiently created a package.