Most of the people know that inkjet printers are used for home and for business purpose. Inkjet printers are also used for graphic prints and posters; this fact is not known by many people. One can easily take out photographic prints from wide format printer with the help of an inkjet printer.

Commercial inkjet printers are also used for printing large size banner and printer on a different medium. This way you can use inkjet printers for completing industrial, promotion and advertisement need of your business.


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The prints produced by inkjet printers are usually 58 x 100 inches. The use of special UV-resistant inks is done by commercial grade wide format printer. This ensures that the high-quality prints produced are protected from harmful UV rays. As these harmful UV rays can discolor the printed material. These inks are also suitable for use on non-traditional materials such as canvas or cloth. You can also choose uv flatbed printer for printing purpose.

The advancement in technology resulted in an inkjet printer produces fast and precise prints. The ink used by such printer gets dry very quickly without losing vibrancy of color.

There are large numbers of colored prints produced by an expert printing company within a single day.

The two main feature of an inkjet printer are:




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This two feature of inkjet printer results in easily and efficiently running of the business. You can visit this website link to get more information related to flatbed wide format printers.

With an inkjet printer, vinyl signs can also be created.

A wide range of material can be handled with commercial inkjet printers.

With inkjet printer unique badges, posters, and banners can be created. One can use different texture and media for producing prints with unique designs and effects.

There are two main techniques used by injecting printer for printing that are:

       Continuous (CIJ)

       Drop-on-demand (DOD)