The other name for root canal treatment is endodontics. It is a dental treatment that is given to a person who is suffering from dental problems. The process related to root canal treatment is not complicated. There are few steps for the procedure.  The main focus during treatment is on the infected tooth.

What exactly happens?

Mouth bacteria invade the tooth which further causes infection in the center of the tooth. Invasion occurs due to tooth decays as a result of fall, and when the fillings leak. The pulp begins to die when it is infected by bacteria. Further, the bacteria multiply until the surrounding tissues get swollen and red.  If you notice such thing, make sure that you immediately contact oral surgeon Brooklyn.

root canal treatment

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The root canal treatment is carried in two ways.  Either the tooth is removed completely or the root canal system of the tooth is removed. The treatment method where the root canal system is removed is known as root canal treatment. This method is quite successful as the treatment last for 10 years and above.

In dental root canal treatment, anesthetic is generally used to make the whole process less painful for the patient.

Given below is more information related to Root Canal Treatment:

Even after the surgery the lips and gums will remain numb till the effect of anesthetic subsides.  


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Some time throbbing pain is experienced after the surgery, you can take a painkiller in order to reduce the pain. The pain can last for 2 days in some cases. You can click here to get more information related to dental root canal treatment.

There can be a need to repair the permanent crown as it gets loose after months of use.

In case the tooth decay or infection is severe then it will be better to extract the tooth.  

As we all know that prevention is better than cure, so it is always recommended to eat healthily, keep your teeth clean, and go for dental checks regularly in order to prevent infections