The Jack Russell Terrier dogs got their name from Reverand John Russell. He wanted a small, valiant and active dog, with extraordinary stamina, that can be used for tracking and hunting of small animals like badgers, red fox and rabbits. Henceforth, he came up with what we today call the Jack Russell Terrier.

The standard height of Jack Russell is around 16″ and weight is between 15-20 pounds. But this small package is very active and intelligent than lots of other breed of dogs. Jacks were in the Terrier group, which means this dog needs to do a lot of work!

Jack Russell Dogs

If you are interested to know more about the history of Jack Russell Terrier Dogs, you may visit this website:

Before going further, I must warn you that this particular breed is surely not recommended for inexperienced owners! Dog shelters and rescues are having behavioural issues with Jackies. The reason behind that would be their owners have not done their homework to research the breed.

Jack Russell Terrier dogs

Ask some of the Jack Russell owners to tell their experienced with the dog and their answers would be: challenging, busy, fun-loving, trustworthy, high prey drive, not too good with small children or small animals, highly intelligent, provocative, short on endurance and sometimes violent.

Keep this in mind that the Jack Terriers do not like to be handled by a heavy hand. If you want to train them you must be reasonable, firm and consistent, only using your tone of voice and lots of admiration. They just love to be praised!

Jack Russell Terrier

If you haven’t got a Jack Russell yet, you may adopt or buy one on sale through But before doing that you must be aware of certain things.

This is a dog with outstanding stamina can become extraordinarily stubborn. A tired, not exercised and untrained Jack Russell Terrier dog that has not been socialized has the chances of developing dangerous behavioural attitude.

This animal is highly energetic and needs a lot of exercise in a day. Even long brisk walks are not sufficient for them. But at last I would like to say that if properly trained, these dogs can be your true companion till the end. You may learn few tips on Jack Russell’s training, by clicking this link.