Fashion accessories made of wood are quite popular these days. One major reason behind the upsurge of the wooden accessories is their aesthetic appearances.

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Out of all the wooden accessories, wooden watches and wooden sunglasses are the most popular. If you are also looking for the elegant wooden wrist watches, you can see the latest designs of the wooden wrist watches here:

Wearing wooden watch has numerous advantages. Here is the list of few things you should know about the wooden watches:


Wood is one of the most durable and sustainable materials on the earth. Wooden watches are super durable and lightweight. If you wear wooden watches you don’t have to worry about the temperature changes because wooden watches are heat resistant. Unlike metal watches, wooden watches do not heat up quickly.

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Watches made of wood do not cause any reaction to the skin. Even people with most sensitive skin can wear the wooden wrist watches. Wood watches are hypoallergenic and do not any kind of skin problems.


Bamboo wood is used for making wooden watches. Bamboo wood is easily available and grows faster. Also wood is the sustainable material and easy to get. All of the wooden watches are handmade. You can easily purchase an elegant wooden watch for $50.00.   


Wood watches are eco-friendly. Unlike metal and plastic watches, they do not cause any harm to nature. Wood is biodegradable material and can be easily disposed of after the use. You do not have to worry about the decomposition of the wood as is the case of the watches made of the plastic.

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These are the key features of the wooden watches which makes them more preferable. You can also browse this website to know more about the wood watches.