When you talk about sports shoes the only thing that comes to your mind is comfortability. Actually, what really matters is the shape of your feet. The pair of shoes might feel comfortable when you try the shoes on in the store itself, but you get to know the real fit of the shoes when you go out on a run or a walk.

The sports shoe manufacturers have a different fit of the shoe, so after checking the size of your feet you must try the shoes so that you buy the perfect fit shoes. You can find various types of shoes according to your preference such as

How To Choose Running Shoes

  1. Neutral shoes for joggers and people who prefer running sometimes.
  2. Stability shoes
  3. Motion control shoes for runners who prefer running regularly and to prevent overpronation.
  4. Barefoot shoes provide safety from hazards. Barefoot runners prefer these kinds of shoes.

Features of running shoes

Upper sole

Upper soles help your feet to stay in its place. The upper sole can be of different types of material such as Synthetic leather, Nylon Mesh, Waterproof and breathable uppers.

The price of sports shoes also depends on the kind of material used for the upper sole of the shoes. Upper sole also helps in providing design to the shoe.


Midsole part of the shoe is the most integral part of the shoe. This part of the shoe helps in the positioning of the feet in different conditions. The midsole is responsible for providing comfort to your feet. The midsole of the shoes absorbs the pressure created from a jump.  

sports shoe

Outer sole

Outer sole of the shoes is the bottom of the shoe. Outer sole of the shoe helps you to maintain the grip and protects you from minimum hazards on the ground like small rocks and other objects. Traction over a rigid surface is controlled by the outer sole, to place your feet properly over a surface.