The label applicator machines are used by several manufacturing industries for applying the labels on the products. The shrink wrapper is used for wrapping your products to protect them from the damage. The labelling machines are available in two varieties, one is fully automatic, second is semi automatic.

There are also label applicator machines available which successfully deals with labeling curved or flat surfaces. There are two types of label applicator available, one is wipe on applicator and other is pneumatic piston applicator.

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The wipe on applicator works perfectly with the moving product. The moving product like the bottles are rotated by the machine in order to label them. This applicator is fast and efficient and also applies the labels at the top and sides of the product. The labels are applied at the speed of up to 80M/Min.

Each product has its own shape and size and also needs the labels to be applied according to their size and shape.

The pneumatic piston applicator is another type of label applicator machine. In this, the label is holded at a place via vacuum.

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Label applicators are used from last several years and there are also various designs available to meet the demand for quick changeovers. It is also very easy to use and require low maintenance.

The whole system is fully controlled by the integral electronics providing it an optimum labeling tolerances, high speed, etc.

These perfect systems are equipped with advanced functionalities. The advanced functionalities include high speed synchronized label dispensing, to allow labeling to continue for long.

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So, using a label applicator for labeling your product is always beneficial as these machines save a lot of your time. You can also check this useful reference to know more about the label applicator machine.