The hydraulic cylinder manufacturers are looking toward new ways for producing more efficient products for their customers. Good knowledge regarding machine should be there in order to produce the product. Manufacturers also make sure about the quality of hydraulics Brisbane.

The use smart cylinders are increasing now a day. Technology is playing a significant role in industrial and mobile hydraulics.  Smart cylinders usually have a broad range of temperature. Such a cylinder can withstand up to 100G. These cylinders are available as a single acting cylinder and double acting cylinder.

The applications that rely on gravity, weight or force acting in one direction making use of single acting cylinders. These cylinders are less costly as compared to double acting.  There are two types of single acting cylinders:

cylinder hydraulic

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  •    Single acting piston
  •    Single acting ram cylinders

Such cylinders generate force in one particular direction.

Double acting cylinders are more commonly used as compared to single acting as they can work in at most all angles. Most of the applications make use of double acting cylinders. In such cylinders, force is in both directions as fluid moves in either direction.

In the piggyback cylinder, two cylinders are welded together in different directions. This is done so that cylinder produces a double stroke.


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The telescopic cylinder is another type of hydraulic cylinder.  These cylinders are manufactured with the help of both single acting and double acting types. Telescopic cylinders are somewhere similar to piggyback cylinders. But the difference is that in telescopic cylinder long strokes is there with small collapse lengths.

While purchasing different cylinders available in the industry make sure that you consider the mounting configuration of hydraulic cylinders. The mounting in hydraulic cylinder also varies providing different options like:

  •    Clevis rod
  •    Flange Mount
  •    Cross tube rod
  •    Adjustable clevis

You can also customize hydraulic cylinders according to likings of a given system. Its capabilities are:

  •    Porting configurations
  •    Application engineering support
  •    Internal and external head designs