When it comes to knives, the main topic that’s still held under discussions and controversies is none other than a knife sharpener. There are a lot of stones and other new techniques available in the market these days.

Obviously it’s impossible to choose one depending on the price as the most expensive one may not be the best always. Some of the highly recommended electric knife sharpener comprise Crock Sticks, Lansky, Diamond hones, Belt grinder, electric wheel type of sharpeners and lot known to function as professional ones mainly.

F. Dick Dickoron Classic Sapphire Cut Oval 30cm Steel|Honing & Sharpening Steels|Barnco

The quality differs from one stone to another and only in the event that you understand them clearly, will you be able to select the best. There are many who go shopping by just checking out the brand names. But, do you think you’ll find the genuine product when there are a good deal of replicas in the market these days. It greatly depends upon the quality of the stone and the promise laid forth by a good stone is over 10 times better than the cheapest ones.

Japanese waterstones are highly suggested by well-known chefs. The method indulged in sharpening dual bevel knives as well the only bevel knives are different although the tool used in both the cases are the same. Indeed, it’s a fact that only with practice it is possible to attain perfection.

Here’s an introduction to three sharpening stones offered in three grades.

  1. Arato – it’s the perfect rock for badly worn knives as it is 200 to 800 grit rough gems. The stone is preferably used to create new bevel and if used inconsistently it leads to a weak edge. This is because of prolonged sharpening that is achieved at different incompatible angles.
  2. Nakato – This moderate grade stone is preferably used for minimal repairing purposes, especially to produce burr, also called the first stage of knife sharpening.
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  3. Shiageto – This superfine stone is used to generate smoother edges besides the perfect sharpness. The 1500 to 3000 grit stone is used to make extremely sharp and polished edges thus getting rid of any type of scratches which was left out by the medium stone.

F. Dick Multicut Fine/Regular Cut Flat 28cm Steel|Honing & Sharpening Steels|Barnco

It’s necessary to prepare your gems to continue with the sharpening process. The preparation varies from one stone to another even though soaking is a basic requirement and the time differs from one rock to another. It is recommended to soak the rock until no bubbles reaches the surface. At exactly the exact same time, it is also not advised to leave your stone soaked in water for long since it can cause total damage.