Related imageA cigar humidor is the first thing any cigar lover buys. This is because you cannot afford to let your cigars in the open environment even for a day. They will either soak moisture or get dry.

Cigars are quite sensitive to the atmosphere around them, therefore, they have to be stored in a controlled environment. But you cannot store the cigar immediately in the new humidor box.

First, you have to season the cigar humidor box to get the optimum levels of the humidity and temperature. This is the reason expert suggests to buy humidor first then order the cigars.

Care of cigar humidor box is as important as taking care of the cigars. To ensure the proper care of your humidor box, never forget these few tips:

  • Never add mineral water or tap water for the humidification. Mineral water contains the elements like chlorine that can clog the pores of the humidor. To set up your humidor box use the propylene glycol activation solution.
  • Store the humidor in cool and dry place to prevent the growth of the molds. Prevent the contact of the sunlight with cigar humidor box because high temperature leads to the growth of the fungus or mold. To prevent the growth of the fungus, some people keep humidor box in the refrigerator; never do it. It will damage the box.      
  • Never use too damp clothes for cleaning the surface of the humidor box. If you keep the surface of humidor box wet, it will damage the cedar inside the box.

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These are the simple three things you have to keep in mind to take care of your cigar humidor box. You can also visit this website to get detailed information on how to maintain your cigar humidor box.