Jewelry is the most expensive and precious part of our wardrobe. Due to its high cost, it is not possible for everyone to purchase a piece of jewelry every month. So, it is really important to have better understanding of jewelry before making this expensive purchase.

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If you are buying jewelry for the first time you might be worried about the authenticity of the pieces. Whether a piece is original or not, it is quite difficult for the unprofessional eye to judge it.

However, most of the New York jewelers are certified by the Government regulatory authorities; but to avoid any nuisance or mishappening here is the checklist that you need to ensure before making payment for your jewelry masterpiece:


Whether you are buying a gemstone from the jewelry store or making an online purchase, you need to ensure that the jewelry piece is certified from the regulatory authority.

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If you are buying a diamond jewelry piece, it has to meet the standards laid by GIA. Four C’s laid by GIA to determine the quality of diamond have been accepted worldwide.     


A written guarantee of a jewelry piece is a sign of its purity, it will lower the risk of betrayal. If your jeweler is not providing you the guarantee, it means the jewelry piece does not mean anything to him.

Reputation of jeweler

If you are buying jewelry online most probably you will find the jeweler has well-established brick mortar store as well. You can visit the store and read the feedback of customer to judge whether the jeweler is reputed or not.  

More importantly, if you are purchasing antique jewelry NYC you may not get the certified document because this jewelry is years old. You have to trust the jeweler for the originality of the piece.  

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Indeed getting a jewelry is a very cherished experience but to make it worth, you have to ensure the quality and originality of your jewelry masterpiece as well.

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