One of the most popular sport played in the world is cricket. Cricket is a fiery contest between the bat and ball. If you are a batsman and facing a fast bowler, you have to deal with the leather ball coming at the speed of more than 90 miles per hour.

You have split of second to react to it and your best friend on the cricket field is your cricket bat. Those who play at the professional level pay enormous attention to the cricket bat. Professional cricketers want their bat to be absolutely perfect.

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Sports shops Melbourne offers the wide range of cricket bats. Newcomers often find it difficult to choose the right cricket bat for themselves. If you are new to the game of cricket and looking to purchase a new cricket bat, here are the few tips for you:

Sweet spot

It is the spot on the blade of the cricket bat where the performance is maximized. It can be either be at the top, middle and lower of the cricket bat. Depending on your batting style you have to choose the position of the sweet spot. If you are front foot player find a bat that has the sweet spot at the lower part. For back foot players, it is in the middle.

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Grade of cricket bats

Cricket bats are made of the English willow which is categorized in between grade one to grade four. Grade 1 cricket bats are the best one available in the market while grade 4 bats are less superior than others.


Heavier the bat, more power, and durability it has. But some player prefers light bats for better control. You should select the bat as per your physique and comfort.

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