Many people are under the impression that solo traveling is boring. However, many travel bloggers have a great time while traveling alone. Solo traveling is an opportunity to meet new people, form a bond, do tons of activities and more. If you are introvert who face difficulties in meeting new people, then these tips will help you to have a great travel experience even it is solo.

  1. While Traveling – One of the great ways to strike a conversation is by talking to the person sitting next inside an aircraft, bus or train. Speaking to your neighbor gives you opportunities to know more about them and do tons of activities later on.
  2. Doing Trips and Activities – This is another great way of making friends. If you happen to do a combined trips or activities, then consider talking to a few people. For instance; if you are going out for hiking with others, then consider approaching them with a simple ‘Hi’.
  3. Staying in Hostel Dorms – In today’s time, many travelers prefer to choose a hostel over a hotel for many reasons. One being cheap and other being activities. One great example would be; hostels are known to offer activities such as drinking games, movie nights etc. This is a great way to meet fellow travelers coming from a different country and learning a few interesting facts. If party is not your scene, then hostels have common rooms where people come together for a nice chit-chat.

Follow these tips while staying in some of the finest hostels in Canggu Bali.