A swimming pool is great fun for those who love enjoying in water or love swimming. Moreover, a swimming pool gives your house a more stylish and aesthetic look. Owning a swimming pool has so many health benefits too.  Since the winter has arrived many people are planning to close their pool off till the season.

If you have decided to keep to your pool closes for winter, there are a few steps that you will need to take before you can do so. The process of keeping your pool safe and clean throughout the winter will entirely depend on what type of swimming pool covers you have.

If you are considering to opt for a winter pool covers then meshed and solid pool covers are two of the most commonly used swimming pool covers. Each of them has its own properties and benefits so you will have to decide on how to close your swimming pool respectively.

Closing your pool using mesh swimming pool cover

Mesh pool covers are most commonly used winter pool covers as it allows sunlight and rainwater to come into contact with the pool during the winter months. Though, it is suggested that you chemically purify the pool once a month to stop the growth of algae.

You may rather make use of motorized pool cover to limit your struggle of cleaning that huge area. As it will automatically cover your pool and keep it safe from debris.

Closing your pool using a solid swimming pool cover

Solid covers are usually thick and opaque which means that they do not let light pass through. It is really helpful in preventing the growth of algae so that it would become easier and less time-consuming to maintain your pool. All the same, you should chemically treat your swimming pool to balance out the levels of calcium and alkaline. Click this link here and know more about swimming pool covers.