There are a number of reasons why you should opt for this version and one of them is that it is the most elegant and sophisticated way of securing the poolside area.

You will find this kind of fence mostly around the grand swimming pools as they give a luxurious look to the poolside.

Glass Fencing Solutions are an aura of elegance to your lifestyle. The reason being that opaque fencing obscures the vision and the beautiful decor of the pool and its surrounding area gets hidden.

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How is frameless glass fencing installed?

According to the experts, there is no rocket science involved in the process, but whatever is the process, it has to be carried out only by a highly experienced installation team.

These experts will use one of the two methods of installation that we have discussed here.

Spigot fixed

In this type, the panels are fitted using high-quality stainless steel spigots that are bolted to the surface.

Slot fixed

In this method, you will get a feeling that the glass is emerging from under the ground because the slots for fixing the glass panes are made in the ground and then, the panes are fitted into them.

Button Fixed

In this method, the panels go below the ground with the help of the attached bolts on the glass.